Classes & Workshops

IS GETTING PUBLISHED YOUR GOAL? Many of Gloria’s students are achieving just that. Recently, after Gloria reviewed Juliane Nardone’s essay, Superstore Souvenirs, it was published in The Boston Globe. Another student, Michelle Rowen, took Gloria’s class, Creating Dynamic Characters, then sold her vampire novel, Bitten and Smitten to Warner Books (two-book contract). And student, Janice Hardy, after taking Gloria’s Focus on the Novel course, received a three-book contract and a six-figure advance from HarperCollins for her young adult fantasy series, The Healing Wars. Many other students have been published in national magazines and received book contracts from publishers. THIS COULD BE YOU.

In Gloria’s classes, you will find support and encouragement, as well as honest evaluation of your work. You can count on being asked a lot of questions that will help guide you to the core of what you want to communicate in your writing. She looks for the universal truths in your work and helps you identify and develop them as they are the reason readers (and editors) will connect with your writing. Instruction is individualized because YOU ARE UNIQUE and your writing should reflect your unique voice.

Classes & Workshops ~ Below you’ll find numerous courses—either individual or group. The classes are ongoing, please check HERE to register. If you are interested in contacting me about individual classes or my personal classes, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Either View this Calendar for the specific time frame or see the list of upcoming classes below the calendar.

GLORIA’S personal group, individual classes and Seaside workshops:
Write Your Novel— (Beginning novelists submitting pages of their novel for feedback)

Finish Your Novel— (More advanced novelists submitting pages of their novel for feedback)

Finish Your Memoir—(Memoirists submitting pages of their memoir or essay collection for feedback)

You can jump into one of these classes at any time and work at your own pace on either your novel or your memoir. Fees are as follows:

10k — $395
15k — $570
20k — $740
25k — $905
30k — $1065


Shadow Writing (8 weeks) Contact for a personal one-on-one class. $415 (Your unconscious can drive your writing and prevent authenticity. Coax your shadow out of hiding.)

The Hero’s Journey (10 weeks) $360 (Identify the journey you want to write about, decide whether you want to approach your story through fiction or nonfiction, and then have the courage to say yes to the Call to Adventure and move into the Special World of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.)

Accessing Your Writer’s Voice (3 weeks) $140 (Certain point of view choices alter a reader’s experience with your work; you can direct that experience through changes in voice and point of view. Find your voice—it’s there available to you.)

Starting to Write (8 weeks) $315 (Learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction, how sensory description can put the spark and emotion into any piece of writing, that the decision to write means making space in your life, that writers are thinkers and feelers and how that translates to the page.)

The Art of Storytelling (8 weeks) $315 (It’s an age-old art form—storytelling—and you can learn the craft. Create story people with real emotions, structure a story with scenes that are alive, and connect with readers in a way they’ll never forget.)

Discover Your Writing Niche (8 weeks)  $315 (Learn the various forms of fiction and nonfiction and everything else you need to know to launch a successful writing career.)

The Anti-Hero’s Journey (8 Weeks) $315 (Every character who opposes the good guy in your story is informed by one major archetype—the Shadow. Learn how to develop and bring to life your story’s dark characters.)

Create Characters Using the Enneagram (10 weeks) $360 (Learn the art of in-depth character development using an ancient personality study that reveals human motivation–the Enneagram.)



Getting Started in Writing  (Twelve weeks) $379.99

Character Development: Creating Memorable Characters  (Six weeks) $379.99

Writing the Memoir  (Twelve weeks) $379.99